Chad Harbach

The Event

Chad Harbach

The Art of Fielding

19 January 2012

Credit: Beowulf Sheehan

Credit: Beowulf Sheehan

Once in a great while, a debut novel appears that causes critics to declare an instant classic. Chad Harbach’s The Art of Fielding is such a book. The New York Times lists it as one of the 10 best books of 2011, and Amazon named it the best book of the year. It is set at a midwestern college, and it’s a story about baseball. But, as critic Michiko Kakutani says, “it’s also a magical, melancholy story about friendship and coming of age that marks the debut of an immensely talented writer.” Join us for an evening with a new literary star.

Moderator: Jan Donkers

In cooperation with De Bezige Bij publishers

Online booksale by Athenaeum

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The Speaker:

Harbach grew up in Racine, Wisconsin. His father was an accountant and his mother the head of a Montessori school.[1] Harbach graduated from Harvard University, where he became friendly with fellow writers and journalists Keith Gessen and Benjamin Kunkel.[2] He received an MFA from the University of Virginia.[3] 

source text:


New York Times Review for “The Art of Fielding”

“How I Write” Interview with Chad Harbach

Los Angeles Times Article on “The Art of Fielding”

The Guardian’s Review

Hardbach on “The Art of Fielding” at the Chautauqua Institution:


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