Simon Schama 1999

The Event

Simon Scharma

Rembrandt’s Eyes

14 December 1999

Credit: Nick Atkins

Credit: Nick Atkins

On 14 December, the renowned English art historian, Simon Schama, will speak for the John Adams Institute about his latest book, Rembrandt’s Eyes. Dr. Cynthia Schneider, U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands, art historian and Rembrandt specialist, will host the event.

In Rembrandt’s Eyes, Schama explores Rembrandt’s obsession with and admiration of the Flemish painter, Peter Paul Rubens. It was only after the death of the legendary Rubens that Rembrandt discovered his own style, enabling him to breathe new life into historical painting, portraits, nudes, and the art of etching. Rembrandt’s Eyes shows us why Rembrandt is such a thrilling painter and so revolutionary in his art. Schama’s understanding of Rembrandt’s mind and lifestyle allows him to recreate Rembrandt’s world on the page. Through a unique combination of scholarship and literary skill, Schama shows us to see life through Rembrandt’s eyes.

Simon Schama was born in London in 1945, educated at Cambridge, and has taught at Oxford and Harvard University. he spoke for the John Adams Institute in October 1995 about Landscape and Memory. Presently he is Old Dominion professor of the Humanities at Columbia University in New York. His publications include The Embarassment of Riches (1987) and Dead Certainties (1992).

Ambassador Schneider has published several books and numerous articles on Dutch art in the 17th century, among them Rembrandt’s Landscapes. She organised the 1990 exhibit on the same subject at the National Gallery of Art, in Washington.


See Schama’s 1995 Profile


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