Francis Fukuyama 2011

The Event

Francis Fukuyama

The Origins of Political Order

10 May 2011

Photo by David Fukuyama

Photo by David Fukuyama

One of America’s most distinguished political thinkers takes the John Adams Institute stage to discuss his latest, far-ranging exploration of history and society. Francis Fukuyama’s new book is about how states form, but while it goes back into the distant past, its relevance is very up-to-date. How did ancient societies relinquish their tribal ties in favor of a strong central government? The West has long supported democracy as an organizing principle, and has pushed tribal societies to change. But how realistic is that?

Moderator: Frans Timmermans
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About Francis Fukuyama


The Guardian Review of “The Origins of Political Power”

Transcript to Public Lecture on “The Origins of Political Order”

Lecture at Stanford University 10 October 2011

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