Tracy Metz

The Event

Photo Gerrit Serné

Photo Gerrit Serné

Tracy Metz

Sweet&Salt: Water and the Dutch

12 December 2012

Hurricane Sandy reawakened America, and the world, to what we already knew: our coasts are under threat. In Sweet&Salt, Tracy Metz lays out the special relationship that the Dutch have with the sea–how thoroughly water management is rooted in the culture–and she offers potential solutions for places around the world that are struggling with water issues as the climate becomes more uncertain. Her book digs deep into the Dutch success with water, how thoroughly the Dutch have given their landscape an “extreme makeover,” and ponders what will and won’t work elsewhere. Join us for a discussion about one of the most vital issues facing the world.

Moderator: Jochem de Vries, Universiteit van Amsterdam

In cooperation with CREA

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The Speaker:

Tracy Metz, American by origin, is a journalist and author on urban and spatial issues. She writes for the quality Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad and is an international correspondent for Architectural Record. In 2012 she was awarded the Groeneveld Prize for her contribution to the debate on nature and landscape in the Netherlands.

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In The Media:

  •  “De Wereld Draait Door”:

  • ROTTERDAM – Visit by Dutch Prince to art exhibition of “Sweet & Salt” at the Art Hall in Rotterdam.


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