Dan Hassler-Forest

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Dan Hassler-Forest

Capitalist Superheroes: Caped Crusaders in the Neoliberal Age

13 February 2013

dan_hassler-forest_8018_web_elIn 2002 the editors of Der Spiegel depicted then-president George W. Bush as a comic book superhero on their cover. They expected outrage from the White House. Instead, Bush ordered 33 posters of the image. In his new book, Dan Hassler-Forest, a professor of media studies at the University of Amsterdam, sees the Hollywood films of the Bush era as a kind of mythology that supported American capitalism and American imperialism. The entertainment industry, he argues, has become an extension of American might. And the President who defined his enemies as “evildoers” seemed just fine with that. Join us for a provocative evening of politics and pop culture.

Moderator: Juurd Eijsvoogel

In cooperation with People’s Place

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The Speaker

“Dan Hassler-Forest works as assistant professor in English Literature and Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam, where he has recently completed his dissertation on superhero figures in post-9/11 culture. His first book, a collection of essays on comics and graphic novels, was co-edited with Joyce Goggin and was published in October 2010. His new book Capitalist Superheroes offers a critical analysis of the political implications of the 21st-century superhero movie. He likes to think, talk, write, and argue about movies and books (not necessarily in that order).” source text: Dan’s Website, “Dr. Dan’s Medicine”, http://danhf.wordpress.com/about-me/

In The Media

Capitalist Superheroes Vimeo Booklaunch


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